Fluke 381 Remote Display True-RMS 1000 A AC/DC Clamp Meter with iFlex

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FE 381
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The Fluke 381 is the first clamp meter with a detachable, remote display and iFlex flexible current probe for easier, faster, safer measurements.

The Fluke 381 TRMS AC/DC clamp meter can measure 1000 A AC/DC with the fixed jaw and the 18" iFlex flexible current probe expands the measurement range up to 2500 A AC. The Fluke 381 has a AC/DV volt range up to 1000V. It also measures frequency and continuity.

Fluke 381 clamp meter's remote displayRemote Display

The Fluke 381's remote display (like the Fluke 233 Digital Multimeter) allows you to safely and conveniently read measurements from up to 30 ft. away and can also be magnetically mounted. The detachable remote display features a Hold, Min/Max and a Backlight button. The backlight button is a great feature that illuminates the digital display in dark spaces. Now one technician can do jobs that used to require two people. Clamp the Fluke 381 around a conductor, remove the display and walk across the room to operate controls or remove protective equipment, all while watching real-time readings.

Fluke 381 iFlex Current Probe18" Flexible Current Probe

The Fluke 381 includes the new Fluke iFlex i2500-18 flexible current probe which expands the measurement range to 2500 A AC while providing increased display flexibility, ability to measure awkward sized conductors and improved wire access. 

The Fluke 381 is part of Fluke's new Clamp Meter line that includes: 376, 375, 374, 373 & 365.

What's Included:
  • 18-inch iFlex™ flexible current probe - i2500-18
  • Coated instruction card
  • Safety information sheet
  • Soft carrying case
  • TL75 test leads
  • Five AA Alkaline batteries
The Good:

The Bad:

The Bottom Line:

Full Review

  • Wireless technology allows the display to be carried up to 30 ft. away from the point of measurement for added flexibility without interference with measurement accuracy
  • The removable magnetic display can be conveniently mounted where it is easily seen
  • iFlex flexible current probe expands the measurement range to 2500 A ac
  • CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V
  • Integrated low pass filter and state of the art signal processing allows for use in noisy electrical environments while providing stable readings
  • Proprietary inrush measurement technology to filter out noise and capture motor starting current exactly as the circuit protection sees it
  • Ergonomic design fits in your hand and can be used while wearing protective equipment
  • Radio transmitter automatically sets the correct measurement range so you do not need to change the switch positions while taking a measurement
  • Three-year warranty
  • Soft carrying case
  • Safety conformance
 IEC/EN 61010-1:2001, 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV
 AC current via jaw
 999.9 A
0.1 A
 2 % ± 5 digits
 AC current via iFlex
 2500 A
0.1 A
 3 % ± 5 digits
 DC current
 999.9 A
 0.1 A
 2 % ± 5 digits
 AC voltage
 1000 V
 0.1 V
 1.5 % ± 5 digits
 DC voltage
1000 V
 0.1 V
 1 % ± 5 digits
 Resistance  60,000 Ω 0.1 Ω 1 % ± 5 digits
 Frequency500 Hz
 0.1 Hz
 0.5 % ± 5 digits
 True-rms yes
 Continuity yes
 Hold yes
 Backlight yes
 Min/Max yes
 Inrush yes
 Low pass filter
 Removable wireless display
 18" iFlex Flexible Current Probe
 10" iFlex Flexible Current Probe
 optional accessory
 Wire capacity
 750 MCM or 2-500 MCM
 Safety rating
 CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V
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