PIECAL 434 4-20 mA Loop Calibrator

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The PIECAL 434 is a 4-20 mA loop calibrator you can use to check, calibrate and measure all your current signal instruments in a 4 to 20 milliamp DV loop.

The PIECAL 434 gives you the ability to:
  • Calibrate Milliamp Instruments - Source & Read 0.00 to 24.00 mA & -25.00 to 125.0% of 4-20 mA; Simulate 2-Wire Transmitters Power & Read 2-Wire Transmitters; Selectable 250 W resistor for HART compatibility
  • Calibrate with Confidence - Accurate to (0.05% of Reading + 0.01 mA)
  • Compact & Affordable - Pocket sized with built-in belt clip & attached test leads
  • Faster Calibrations - Instantly select three outputs with EZ-CHECK switch & two speed EZ-DIAL knob

PIECAL Calibrators Competitive Edge

PIECAL Calibrators are designed and built by members of the same team that designed and built the calibrators manufactured by Fluke under the Altek label.

PIECAL 434 vs. Altek 434
In comparison the PIECAL 434 improves upon other popular loop calibrator brands, such as the Altek 434, by including a larger display with larger digits, a bar graph, rugged switches, belt clip and a battery compartment for quick battery changes.

To learn more about these competitive differences, download the PIECAL 434 vs Altek 434 sheet.

What's Included:
  • Carrying case
The Good:

The Bad:

The Bottom Line:

Full Review

  • Easy to use
  • Large backlit display
  • Source milliamps
  • Automatic output stepping & ramping
  • Ground leak detection
  • Calibrate using loop power
  • Read loop current
  • Power & measure 2 wire transmitters
  • Read DC volts
  • Evolutionary design
Operating Temperature Range
-20 to 60C (-5 to 140F)
Storage Temperature Range
-30 to 60C (-22 to 140F)
Relative Humidity Range
10 % ≤RH ≤90% (0 to 35C), Non-condensing
10% ≤RH ≤70% (35 to 60C), Non-condensing
Size (L x W x H)
5.63 x 3.00 x 1.60 in (143 x 76 x 41mm)
Weight12.1 oz, 0.34 kg (including boot & batteries)
Batteries Four "AA" Alkaline 1.5V (LR6)
Optional AC Adaptors
120 VAC 50/60 Hz
240 VAC 50/60Hz
Optional NiMh Rechargeable battery kit
120VAC for North America Only; charger, four NiMh batteries, AC & DC cords
Lower Battery
Low battery indication with nominal hour of operation left
Protection against misconnection
Over-voltage protection to 135 vrms (rated for 30 seconds) or 240 vrms (rated for 15 seconds)
DisplayHigh contrast graphic liquid crystal display with 0.315" (8.0mm) high digits. LED backlighting for use in low lit areas.

Read mA
Ranges and Resolution
0.00 to 24.000 mA or -25.00 to 300.00% of 4.-20 mA
≤ (0.01% of Reading +0.002 mA)
Voltage burden ≤ 2V at 50 mA
Overload/Current limit
25 mA nominal
Battery life ≥ 125 Hours nominal
≥ 100 hrs with backlight on

Source/Power & Measure Two Wire Transmitters
Ranges and Resolution
0.000 to 24.000 mA or -25.00 to 125% of 4-20mA
Accuracy≤ (0.01 % of Reading +0.002 mA)
Noise≤ 1/2 Least Significant Digit
Temperature effect
≤ 0.005%/C of FS
Loop compliance voltage≥ 24 DCV @ 20.00mA
Loop drive capability - Leak Detection Off

Loop drive capability - Leak Detection On
1200 Ω at 20 mA for 15 hours nominal;
950 Ω with Hart Resistor enabled

1000 Ω at 20 mA for 15 hours nominal;
750 Ω with Hart Resistor enabled
Battery life
≥30 hours at 12 mA nominal; ≥ 25 hours with backlight on

2-Wire Transmitter Simulation
AccuracySame as Source/Power & Measure
Voltage burden ≤ 2V at 20 mA
Overload/Current limit
24 mA nominal
Loop voltage limits 2 to 60 VDC (fuse-less protected from reverse
polarity connections)
Battery life ≥ 125 hours nominal; ≥ 100 hours with backlight on

Voltage Read
Range and Resolution
-60.00 to +60.00 VDC Full Span (FS)
Accuracy≤ 0.05% of FS
Temperature effect
≤ 100 ppm/C of FS
Input resistance
≥ 2 MΩ
Battery life
≥ 125 hours nominal; ≥ 100 hours with backlight on

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