Fluke 225C ScopeMeter with Bus Health Test

Sorry, this product is discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Please call 1-877-766-5412 to find a suitable replacement.Fluke 190-204 ScopeMeter Series II 4-Channel 200MHz Oscilloscope is a suggested replacement model.

Fluke 225C ScopeMeter is based on the 199C Color ScopeMeter. It includes all the key functionalty of that product but also includes the popular Bus Health Test feature of the Fluke 125 ScopeMeter. Bus Health Test offers powerful test capabilities for a wide variety of Industrial Bus systems. When in Bus Health Test mode, the Fluke 225C automatically makes an analysis of the electrical signals passing through the bus, and compares the parameters to industry standard values for that bus type. Alternatively, the user may select an ‘Eyepattern’ display to visually check the overall signal quality.

Parameters are automatically qualified as ‘good’, ‘weak’ or ‘bad’ based on a comparison to the appropriate industrial standards or to user set reference values. Each of the measured parameters is presented with momentary value and with statistical minimum and maximum values measured over time. The reference values used are also displayed, to give the user an easier grip on the systems behavior. Tested parameters include signal amplitudes, bias voltage, rise- and fall-times, jitter, distortion and noise levels (in-band noise as well as out-of-band noise) depending on the requirements of the associated industry standard.

Because the Fluke 225C ScopeMeter is based on the Fluke 199C ScopeMeter, it also offers 2Gs/S and 200MHz bandwidth.

The Fluke 225C is also available as a kit which includes software, communications cable and carry case - this product is called the Fluke 225C/003S.
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