Amprobe DM-III Multitest Power Quality Recorder/Analyzer Data Logger

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The Amprobe DM-III Multitest Power Quality Analyzer/ Data Logger is Amprobes full-featured Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder providing the essential functions and capabilities required to operate accurately and effectively in todays demanding electrical environments.

  • True RMS (TRMS)
  • Measures and Records Broad Spectrum of Power Quality Parameters: AC Current, AC Voltage to 600V including Sags and Surges, Harmonics (THD and individual up to 49th), Active, Reactive and Apparent Power & Energy, Peak Demand, Power Factor, Frequency measurement, Phase sequence
  • Compatible with wide range of Current Transducers
  • Comes as a complete kit: CTs, Voltage Leads, Ground Probes & Leads, PC software and download cable are included with this product.
  • Works with single and three phase systems (Y and Delta)
  • Detects and records voltage anomalies, Sags and Surges
  • Built in scope displays waveforms
  • Phase sequence indication
  • Records up to 64 parameters (single or three phase) simultaneously
  • Manual and programmable recording start
  • Password protection
  • Selectable fundamental frequency of 50 or 60 Hz
  • Special data compression system and user selectable rates allow recording from several hours to several years
  • Download capabilities, Windows compatible PC software
  • Displacement power factor for power factor correction determination
  • Line or battery powered
  • Megohmmeter functions: Tests insulation of wires, cables, transformers and electrical motors
  • Selectable test voltages up to 1000V
  • Programmable timer to perform the Dielectric Absorption Ratio Test
  • Sensitive Ohmmeter for checking resistance of motor windings
  • Selectable polarization of ohmmeter for checking grounding continuity
  • Automatic voltmeter protects against misuse on hazardous energized systems
  • Safety:         CATIII, 600V Phase to phase, CATIII, 300V Phase to ground, EN 61010-1+A2(1996)

What's Included:
Comes as a complete kit: CT (DM-CT-HTA 1000A Standard CT 2 internal diameter CT +/- (0.5% Rdg + 2 LSD)), Voltage Leads, Ground Probes & Leads, PC software and download cable are included with this product.
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AC Voltage including Sags and Surges 0 - 600V (0.5% Rdg + 2 LSD)
AC Current 5 - 1000A (expandable to 3000A with optional CTs) (0.5% Rdg + 2 LSD)
Power Working (W), Reactive (VAR) and Apparent (VA) (1.0% Rdg + 2 LSD)
Power Factor 0.00 1.00
Energy Working (kWh), Reactive (VARh) and Apparent (VAh) (1.0% Rdg + 2 LSD)
Peak Demand kW (1.0% Rdg + 2 LSD)
Harmonics THD, DC and individual up to 49th (0.5% Rdg + 2 LSD) @ DC to 25 harmonics
Frequency measurement 57 to 63.6Hz at 60Hz fundamental, 47 to 53Hz at 50Hz fundamental (1.0% Rdg + 2 LSD)
Phase sequence 1-2-3
Co-generation Measures Absorbed and Generated Power and Energy
Selectable Fundamental Frequencies 50/60Hz
Available Recording Time Several hours to several years depending on setup
Mechanical Features
Dimensions 8.9(L) x 6.5 (La) x 4.1(H) 225(L) x 165(La) x 105(H) mm
Weight 3.3 Lb (1.5kg)
Internal power supply 6 batteries 1.5V series AA LR6
Battery Life 50 hours
External power supply Use only Amprobe power supply Adapter code 9821-120120V.
Display dot matrix with backlight resolution 128 x 128 dots (16384 dots) dot size 0.5mm x 0.5mm visible area 2.9 x 2.9 (73mm x 73mm)
Sampling speed 156.25usec a 50Hz.
No. of samples per period 128
Clamp Opening 2.15 (53 mm)
Maximum diameter of the cable 2.00 (50 mm)
Operating Conditions
Reference temperature 73F 2F (23C 1C)
Operating temperature 32F to 122F (0C to 50 C)
Relative humidity <70%
Storage temperature 14F to 140F (-10C to 60 C)
Storage humidity <80%
EMC This instrument has been designed in compliance with the EMS standards in force and its compatibility has been tested for EN61326-1 (1997) + A1 (1997).

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