Amprobe ATGC-1 Advanced Tracer Ground Coil


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The Amprobe ATGC-1 Ground Coil expands the capability of the Advanced Tracer by providing the means for the AT Transmitter's signal to be induced onto electrical conductors, water mains, and gas pipes that are buried up to 6 feet deep.  The ATGC-1 plugs into the T220 transmitter and is placed on the ground above and to the side of the conductor to be traced and allows tracing of runs up to distances of 300 feet with the R2000 Receiver.

The Amprobe ATGC-1 Ground Coil is effective in identifying and tracing buried conductors or pipes that are not easily accessible by direct hook-up of the transmitter since no direct hook up of the transmitter to the conductor is necessary.  

Applications include tracing and locating highway lighting conductors, main electrical feeds, water mains, gas mains and telephone lines.
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