AEMC MX 57EX TRMS Intrinsically Safe Digital Multimeter

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The Model MX 57EX TRMS is an intrinisically safe digital multimeter designed for use is dangerous or explosive atmospheres. This meter is considered as a passive device without inductive or capacitive issues that are problematic in dangerous or explosive environments. The Model MX 57EX TRMS provides high functionality in a unique case designed for enhanced safety, reliability, ease-of-maintenance and protection from contaminants.
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  • LCI 07: 0010X
  • Safety rating: IEC 61010-1: 2001
    Agency Approval: IECEx LC107.0010 X,
    LCIE 02 ATEX 6005 X, Ex II 2 G D or Ex I
    M2, Ex ib I, Ex ib IIC T5 or T4 or T3 ,
    Ex ibD 21 T
  • Logic signal measurement and ADP input
  • Min/Max/Avg functions
  • Bargraph with zoom (x5) and center zero
  • Rugged design IP67 rating
  • Protection by 500mA intrinsic safety fuse for the current range
  • Includes test leads
  • Applications
  • Oil refineries
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical plants
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