AEMC CBI-1 Circuit Breaker Identifier

Sorry, this product is discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Please call 1-877-766-5412 to find a suitable replacement.

The Circuit Breaker Identifier Model CBI-1 makes it extremely easy and fast to find the circuit breaker or fuse that supplies a specific power receptacle or light switch automatically. Just plug the transmitter into a receptacle and make a few quick scans of the power panel (the first scan calibrates the instrument, the second detects the breaker). An audible tone will be clearly heard when the right breaker is scanned. There is no need to shut off power in a time consuming trial and error effort to find the right breaker or fuse. This is a tremendous benefit in both automated office environments where disruption of power is not practical, as well as in residential applications.

  • Identify location of circuit breaker on the electrical panel for a specific outlet
  • Find cross-wired breakers
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  • Quickly identifies and pinpoints 120VAC circuit breakers and fuses
  • Self-calibrating - no thumbwheels to adjust
  • No need to interrupt power
  • Audible tone generated when matching breaker is located

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