AEMC 3711 Clamp-on Ground Resistance Tester

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AEMC 3711
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The AEMC 3711 Clamp-on Ground Resistance Tester measures ground rod and small grid resistance in any environment without the use of auxiliary ground rods.

This Clamp-on Ground Resistance Tester is used on multi-grounded systems without disconnecting the ground under test. Simply clamps around the ground conductor or rod and measures the resistance to ground fast and accurately. By performing measurements on intact ground systems, the user also verifies the quality of the grounding connections and bonds. Resistance and continuity of grounding loops around pads and buildings may also be measured.

This AEMC 3711 Clamp-on Ground Resistance Tester includes a current measurement function. The probes high sensitivity enables measurement of leakage current flowing to ground or circulating in ground loops down to 1mA and neutral and phase currents to 30Arms. This feature provides additional information which is vital in distribution ground networks carrying higher levels of noise and harmonics that affect power quality.


  • Measure electrical ground rod and grid resistance
  • Use on multi-grounded systems without disconnecting the ground rod under test
  • Measure resistance and continuity of grounding loops around pads and buildings
  • Measure leakage current flowing to ground or circulating in ground systems
  • Conduct field surveys and retrieve and analyze readings at a later time
  • Use on cell towers and telecommunication sites
  • Use on pools, spas and other consumer installations

For greater capabilities see the AEMC 3731 Clamp-on Ground Resistance Tester

What's Included:

  • Hard carrying case
  • 9V Alkaline battery
  • 25 calibration check loop
  • And user manual

The Good:

The Bad:

The Bottom Line:

Full Review

  • Simple and fast clamp-on operation - no leads, no auxiliary rods or spacing requirements. No need to disconnect neutral service
  • Direct reading of ground resistance from 0.01Ω to 1200Ω
  • Direct reading of continuity and ground loop resistance
  • Direct reading of ground leakage or phase current from 1mA to 30Arms
  • Jaw design with large 1.25" (32mm) window - accommodates up to 1000MCM cables
  • Auto-off for power management
  • CE Mark and UL approved
  • Rugged Lexan head and body construction resists breakage
  • Patented design



Ground Resistance Ranges


Auto-Ranging 0.01Ω to 1200Ω


0.10 to 1.00Ω

1.0 to 50.0Ω

50.0 to 100.0Ω

100 to 200Ω

200 to 400Ω

400 to 600Ω

600 to 1200Ω










2% of Reading 0.02Ω

1.5% of Reading 0.1Ω

2% of Reading 0.5Ω

3% of Reading 1Ω

6% of Reading 10Ω

10% of Reading 10Ω

Approx. 25% of Reading 50Ω

Current Measurement Ranges

Auto-Ranging 1mA to 30.00Arms


1 to 299mA

0.300 to 2.999A

3.00 to 29.99A






2.5% of Reading + 2mA

2.5% of Reading + 2mA

2.5% of Reading + 20mA

Resistance Measurement Frequency


Resistance Overload

OL displayed above 1200Ω

Current Measurement Frequency

47 to 800Hz

Current Overload

OL displayed above 29.99Arms

Power Source

9V Alkaline battery (IEC 6LF22 or NEDA 1604A)

Battery Life

Typical: 8 hours or approx. 1000 measurements of 30 seconds




3 3/4 Digit, 1.73 x 1.10" (44 x 28mm)

Operating Temperature

14 to 131F (-10 to 55C)

Storage Temperature

-22 to 158F (-30 to 70C)

Relative Humidity

10 to 90% RH @ 14 to 104F (-10 to 40C), 75% RH @ 131F (55C)


9.25 x 3.94 x 2.17" (235 x 100 x 55mm)


2.2 lbs (1kg)

Jaw Window Diameter

1.25" (32mm)

Jaw Opening

1.38" (35mm)


Lexan 920A or equivalent (UL94V2)


Gray body, red jaws

Shock Test

IEC 68-2-27

Vibration Test

IEC 68-2-6

Drop Test (1m)

IEC 68-2-32

Dielectric Test



IP30, IEC 359, Group III

Working Voltage

150V, Cat. III Pollution Degree 2; 300V, Cat. II Pollution Degree 2

Max Overload (A or Function)

100A continuous, 200A (< 5s) 50/60Hz

U.S. Patent

No. 362,639

UL File No.




Safety Rating

EN 61010-2-032 (Class 2) Double Insulation

CE Mark


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