Druck TRX II IS Intrinsically Safe Documenting Multifunction Calibrator


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A new standard for portable multifunction calibrators. The Druck TRX II Portable Documenting Multifunction Calibrator is the culmination of many years of combined field experience with the Druck and Unomat series of calibrators.

This one self-contained, battery powered package simulates and measures RTD’s, thermocouples and resistance, as well as sourcing and reading milliamps, millivolts, volts and frequency.  The rugged design includes an impact resistant enclosure which is fastened to the carrying case for convenience and safety.  Dedicated alphanumeric and documenting keypads surround a large LCD panel with dual readout and backlight. Connectors for source and measure are kept separate and a 24V output is
provided for loop power.

The Druck TRX II extensive measurement capabilities can include pressure measurement by connecting Druck pressure sensors which have been digitally characterized to give high accuracy.

This highly accurate and easy to use documenting calibrator provides improved data quality and quicker calibration time since data can be uploaded and downloaded via the PCMCIA card or the RS232 interface.

The Druck TRX II has been designed for ease of use while meeting a wide range of
application needs including calibration, maintenance and commissioning. The dual parameter display shows the measured and sourced values in large clear digits with all applicable information such as the units of measurement and range. With safety in mind, construction of the shoulder strap allows hands free operation while maintaining display visibility.  Some of the capabilities;
  • Measure/source mA
  • Measure/simulate 12 types of T/C
  • Measure/simulate 9 types of RTD
  • Measure/source frequency and pulses
  • Simulate transmitter input and measure transmitter output
  • Measure/source mV/V
  • Measure/source resistance
  • Measure pressure: -14.7 to 10,000 psi
  • Test switches: captures values on contact change

The easy to operate menu driven software enables the calibrator to be set up very quickly. Simply scroll through the menus and select the appropriate parameters.
Operating and connection errors such as loop resistance mismatch and cold junction temperature sensor absence are reported. The KEYSTROKING memory enables instant recall of previously stored user tests.
What's Included:

  • (4) Alkaline C batteries
  • Test Lead Set
  • Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual

PLEASE NOTE: External Pressure Sensor Cable must be ordered seperately
The Good:

The Bad:

The Bottom Line:

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  • Simulates and Reads RTD’s and thermocouples
  • Sources and reads Millivolts, Volts, Milliamps, Ohms and frequency
  • Measures pressure -14.7 to 10,000 psi
  • Dual readout: measure and source
  • Data storage for field calibrations
  • Data transfer via RS 232 or PCMCIA card

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