Transmation 190 Automated Pressure Calibrator

TRAN 190

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The world's first modular fully automated multifunction calibrator with a built-in pressure controller. The QuikCal Transmation 190 Automated Pressure Calibrator design makes it ideal for field use as well as shop or lab calibrations.  Modules up to 300 psi are connected directly to the internal pump while modules up to 2500 psi are available to  measure higher presssures.

Using the Transmation 190 Automated Pressure Calibrator, you can test transmitters, calculate and display errors, and record and display the results.  You can also automate the test of pressure switches.  It can handle either dry or wet (powered) contact tests, with contact voltages of up to 250V AC.

At the touch of a button, the QuikCal 190 automatically generates and holds pressure. Thanks to a built-in, servo-driven pneumatic pump, outside pressure sources are unnecessary. Forget about lugging around a slew of instruments to get all the readings you need. The portable QuickCal Transmation 190 Automated Pressure Calibrator  can be expanded and upgraded quickly and easily, as needs change.

What's Included:

  • Batteries and Charger
  • Test Leads
The Good:

The Bad:

The Bottom Line:

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  • Calibrate transmitters - Automatically tests pressure and temperature transmitters in the lab, shop or field
  • Fully automated - Built-in microprocessor controlled compressor automatically generates and controls pressure
  • Test safety switches - Built-in tests for automated testing of pressure and temperature switches
  • Check pressure gauges - Quickly verify analog and digital gauges
  • Set up controllers and recorders - Simulate the process to calibrate recorders and measure the output of controllers
  • Troubleshoot instrument loops - Measure mA and V while supplying pressure or temperature inputs
  • Match your pressure needs - Select gauge, differential, absolute, vacuum or compund pressure modules
  • Test temperature instruments - Add extremely accurate thermocouple and RTD modules for unmatched versatility
  • Test I/Ps and 4-20 mA inputs - Plug in a mA/V module to source mA and V plus simulate 2-wire transmitters
  • Unsurpassed accuracy - To 0.025 % of pressure reading or 0.01 % of full scale electrical value
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