Electro-Meters 600-501 Split Core CT, 500A - 5A

EM 600-501

Price: $199.08

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Split core or take-apart current transformers are specifically designed to fit over the primary conductor without breaking the circuit being monitored. They are ideal for energy management or load survey applications and are easily installed over insulated bus or cable.

  • Energy management
  • Load surveys
  • Sub metering
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  • Weatherproof design suitable for outdoor use is also available.
  • UL recognized - file number E93779
  • UL Recognized and CSA Approved
  • Manufactured to meet the requirements of IEEE C57.13
  • Voltage output available
  • Voltage Class: 600 V
  • BIL rating: 10 kV
  • Primary Currents: 10 to 5000 amps
  • Window sizes from 0.75 x 0.75 to 12 x 30 inches
  • Ratios from 100:5A to 10,000:5A
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