Fluke 576 Precision, Photographic Infrared Thermometer w/ Logging SW Close Focus

Sorry, this product is discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Please call 1-877-766-5412 to find a suitable replacement.Fluke 576 Precision, Photographic Infrared Thermometer w/ Logging SW is a suggested replacement model.

The Fluke 570 non-contact thermometers are ideal professional diagnostic tools for maintenance professionals requiring the most accurate temperature readings at all distances. The Fluke 570 series infrared (IR) measures surface temperatures, helping to quickly locate lubrication problems, overloads, short-circuits or misaligned and overheated equipment, reducing work and follow-up time, and improving performance.

From close-up electrical connections, to distant room balancing checks, the Fluke 570 series can take IR temperature measurements with ease. Predictive maintenance professionals requiring analysis and documentation use the 574 or 576 models, with 100-point data logging and digital photographs (576-only) with the included software for graphing and analysis for follow-up reporting and documentation.

Unique to the 576 Model
  • Windows-based (Windows 2000/XP) software for data storage and analysis
  • Software to log, graph, and analyze temperature data via USB connection (includes photo viewing feature)
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  • Backlit display for poorly lit areas
  • Last ten temperature readings displayed on bar graph for easy reference
  • Enhanced optics (distance to spot ratio up to 60:1) allow measurements of smaller objects from farther away
  • Coaxial three-dot laser sighting system highlights the true diameter of measurement spots at all distances (90% energy)
  • Extra bright appearing 635nm laser (tested to the same safety and power standards as less bright laser sights) to clearly highlight the targeted area
  • Close-focus option available for specialized applications
  • MIN/MAX measurements calculations instantly computed
  • Audible and visible HI temperature alarm for instant recognition
  • Comfortable, overmolded pistol grip makes target sighting easy
  • Adjustable emissivity setting (.01 increments) for more accurate measurement
  • Durable hard plastic storage case included
Fluke 574 Precision Infrared Thermometer includes 572 features and the following:
  • DIF/AVG measurement calculations instantly computed
  • 100 temperature data logging capability for easy route review
  • 30 pre-set common material emissivity values for most accurate temperature readings
  • Audible and visible HI and LO temperature alarm for instant recognition
  • Thermocouple K probe input for contact temperature measurements with same unit
  • Customizable log names, alarms, and emissivity values for more efficient, less error-prone predictive maintenance routes
Fluke 576 Precision Photographic Infrared Thermometer includes standard 574 features and the following:
  • Up to 100 photographic images of measured object downloadable to PC, with date/time stamp
  • Photographs of measurement locations instantly captured along with temperature and date-time information for improved documentation and maintenance follow-up
Temperature range

-30 to 900C

(-25 to 1600 F)
Display Resolution

0.1C of reading up to 900C

0.2F of reading up to 999.8F
D:S (Distance to spot size)

60:1 Standard focus

50:1 Close focus
Minimum measurement diameter

19mm (0.76 in) Standard focus

6mm (0.24 in) Close focus
Laser sighting

Three point coaxial laser

Digitally adjustable from 0.10 to 1.0 by 0.01
Display Accuracy [Assumes ambient operating temperature of 23C(73F) to 25C(77F)]

0.75% of reading

1% of reading or 0.75C (1.5F), whichever is greater
Response time

250 mSec (95% of reading)

0.5% of reading or 1C (2F), whichever is greater
Spectral response

8 m to 14 m
Laser Sighting

Laser turns off above ambient temperature of 40C (104F)
Laser Power

Class 2(II) operation; Output <1mW, wavelength 630-670 nm
Relative humidity

10% to 90% RH non-condensing, at <30C (86F)
Tripod mount

in. 20 UNC threading
Fluke 572: 2 AA batteries
Fluke 574: 2 AA batteries/ AC adapter
Fluke 576: 2 AA batteries/ USB
Battery life (alkaline)
Fluke 572: 13 hours with laser and backlight on 50%
Fluke 574: 13 hours with laser and backlight on 50%
Fluke 576: 8 hours (13 hours with photographic mode off) 50 photos with flash; 200 photos w/o flash
Display hold

7 seconds
LCD backlit


2 years
Operating temperature

0C to 50C

32F to 120F
Storage temperature

-20C to 50C

-25F to 120F
MAX, MIN temperatures

DIF, AVG temperatures
Fluke 572: No
Fluke 574: Yes
Fluke 576: Yes
Audible and visible alarms
Fluke 572: High
Fluke 574: High and low
Fluke 576: High and low
Bar graph display

Up to 100 points data logging
Fluke 572: No
Fluke 574: Data only
Fluke 576: Data plus photos
Data graphing and storage software (Windows compatible)
Fluke 572: No
Fluke 574: Data only
Fluke 576: Data plus photos
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