ISA T2000 Transformer Test Set

ISA T2000

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T/2000 is a unique solution for all testing operations during commissioning and maintenance of substations, as it allows performing the test of current voltage and
power transformers.

In addition T/2000 incorporates a powerful multi-meter and phase angle meter, with oscilloscope functions.

T/2000 contains one generator:
Main generator. with six outputs: High AC current; Low
AC current; Low DC current; Current impulses; High AC
voltage; One Low AC voltage.

All outputs are adjustable and metered on the large, graphic LCD display.

The multi-purpose control knob and the graphic LCD display make it possible to enter the MENU mode, that allows you to control all functions, and makes T/2000 the most powerful testing device, with manual and automatic testing capabilities. 

Transfer test results to a PC via the RS232 interface.These results can be recorded, displayed and analysed by the powerful X.PRO-3000 software

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  • Multi Function System For Testing:
  • Current,Voltage And Power Transformers
  • Current Transformer Excitation, Ratio And Polarity Test Set
  • Primary Injection Testing Capabilities
  • 3000 V AC High-Pot Test
  • Multi-Meter Functions
  • Oscilloscope Functions
  • Generates Up To 800A and 3000V
  • Large Graphical Display
  • Optional Thermal Printer
  • Test Results And Settings Are Saved
  • Into Local Memory
  • RS232 Interface For PC Connection
  • Safety Features
  • Compact And Lightweight ( 26 Kg )
Additional features include:
  • Oscilloscope function: Makes it possible to display the current and voltage waveform measured.
  • Two independent measurement inputs, for current and voltage, and with High and Low inputs each, allow measuring CT or VT outputs or any other source
  • The optional thermal printer gives the immediate printout of the CT saturation curve and other test results
  • The instrument is housed in a transportable aluminium box, which is provided with removable cover and handles for ease of transportation.
For Complete Specifications, please download the product brochure.


- Two inputs: 20 mA AC or DC or 10 A AC.
- Accuracy: 0.5%
Also possibile to display the current waveform.

- Two inputs: 10 V or 600 V,AC or DC
- Accuracy: 0.5%
Also possibile to display the voltage waveform.

Other measurements are available on the T/2000 that can be  calculated from external inputs.
The X-3000 software allows for review and reporting of test results from the T2000 and other ISA instruments. It is included with the unit at purchase, and ISA offers FREE, Lifetime updates and support for the software.

Review and Analyse tests:

Up to 500 Test results can be stored in the T/2000 local memory

At the end of test, settings and test results can be transmitted to a PC provided with X.PRO-3000.
The software allows saving test results and examining them. X.PRO-3000 is also a powerful report editor that allows to prepare professional test reports.
Test settings can be stored and recalled from the memory.
Up to 10 settings can be stored and recalled.

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