Raytech TR-Spy Mark II Fully Automatic Three Phase Transformer Turns-Ratio Meter

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RT TR-Spy Mark II

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The TR-Spy Mark II is the next generation of the legendary TR-Spy which had quickly become recognized as the World's most advanced Three Phase Transformer Ratiometer.

The TR-Spy Mark II is a rugged, lightweight instrument that automatically measures Turns Ratio, Voltage Ratio, Excitation Current, Phase Relationship, and Phase Displacement. This fully automatic instrument can perform precision laboratory measurements as well as function extremely well in the field for routine maintenace testing. A single hook-up to the transformer is all that is needed to run a complete series of tests because all connections of various transformer configurations are accomplished internally.

The TR Spy Mark II system does not require any charts or calculations for testing. The system can test more combinations of transformer configurations than any other system making it the most versatile and easiest to use system available. The TR Spy Mark II tests one of the widest ratio ranges available (0.8....13,000) and has the highest accuracy of any Automatic Three Phase Ratiometer (0.08%). This system can operate in a continuous mode allowing measurements of tap changers various positions.

The TR-Spy is extremely easy to use and operate and will work on all configurations of single and multiphase transformers.
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  • Automatic measurements of Voltage/Turns Ratio, Current and Phase displacement.
  • Internal storage for 100 complete test results (greater than 1,300 memory locations).
  • Single push button operation.
  • Single hook up to the transformer.
  • Ratio testing from 0.08 to 13,000 turns.
  • Five test voltage ranges 1 V, 10V, 40V, 100V and Automatic.
  • Displays deviation from a nominal ratio.
  • Graphical tap changer display.
  • Load on test object < 0.05 VA.
  • Enhanced, heavy-duty protection circuitry.
  • Centronics (Parallel) interface and RS232 (Serial) interface.
  • Five year standard warranty.
  • Model: TR-Spy Mark II Automatic Three Phase Ratiometer
  • Size: L: 18. 5\" (470mm) W: 14.6\" (371mm) H: 7.5\" (190mm).
  • Weight: 18 lbs. (8.2 kg).
  • Input Power: 100 to 250 vac 50/60 Hz Autoranging. Fuse: 2 Amp
  • Test Voltage: User selectable: 100, 40, 10 and 1 vac 1 ampere
  • Panel Display: LCD graphic with back lighting
  • Front Panel: Sealed, Piezo-electric actuation
  • Interface: 9 pin RS232 serial / 25 pin standard centronics parallel
  • Memory Storage: Internally stores more than 1,300 locations in memory (100 complete tests)
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