Fluke 80i-600A AC Current Probe

Sorry, this product is discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Please call 1-877-766-5412 to find a suitable replacement.Fluke i800 AC Current Clamp Probe is a suggested replacement model.

The model 80i-600A is a clamp-on ac current probe designed to extend the current measuring capability of an ac current meter to 600 amperes. The clamp is compatible with a DMM that accepts 4mm-shrouded banana plugs and has an AC milliamp range. The division ratio is 1000:1.

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Current Range: 1A to 600A AC (2000A Peak)
Basic Accuracy: +/- 2% of reading
Output Signal: 1mA / A
Frequency Range: 30Hz to 10kHz
Working Voltage: 750V AC rms
Maximum Conductor Size: 50.8mm (2.0 inch) diameter
Safety Rating: Protection Class II as defined in IEC 348 and ANSI C39.5

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