Fluke 700PRV-1 Pressure Relief Valve Kit

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FE 700PRV-1

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The Fluke 700PRV-1 consists of a relief valve settable from 725 to 5800 PSI (50 to 200 bar) to be used with the 700HTP-1 Hydraulic Test Pump. The 1/8 NPT male thread to fits directly into the Fluke 700HTP-1 pressure pump.

To be used with the 700HTP-1 Hydraulic Test Pump. The 700PRV uses a multi-turn adjustment screw to set pre-load on internal disc springs. This relief valve will protect the most commonly used Fluke pressure modules and pressure instruments from damage due to accidental over-pressurization.

  • Adjustable from 725 to 5800 PSI (50 to 200 bar)
  • Preset at 2,900 psi/200 bar)
  • Repeatability to 10% of nominal setting.
  • Installs directly into the 700HTP-1 pump


  • One adjustable relief valve
  • Instruction sheet
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Repeatability 10% of nominal setting. Multi-turn adjustment screw to set preload on internal disc springs.
Included: The 700PRV contains two relief valves.
  • One adjustable from 725-2900 psi/50-200 bar (preset at 1360 psi/94 bar)
  • One adjustable from 2900-5800 psi/200-400 bar (preset at 5450 psi/376 bar)
  • Instruction sheet


1.52 in by 0.62 in diameter (38 mm by 16 mm diameter)

1.6 oz (46 g)

One year

Type 303 stainless steel

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