Fluke 700LTP Low-pressure Test Pump

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FE 700LTP-1
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The Fluke 700LTP is a hand operated pressure pump designed to generate either vacuum to -12 psi / -.85 bar or pressures to 30 psi / 2000 mbar. The Fluke 700LTP has two pressure ports with push fit connectors. These push fit connectors, one for the reference port for connection to a Fluke 700 series pressure module and one to connect to a unit under test, connect to the supplied test hoses. These test hoses are terminated with 1/4-BSP (ISO228) female parallel thread fittings that can be adapted using the fittings included.

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  • For low pressure applications
  • Vacuum to -0.85 bar
  • Pressure to 2 bar
  • With fine-control, adjustable relief valve and slow bleed capability

Size:        150 x 46 mm
Weight:    600 g
Warranty:   One year
Material:     Bright nickel plated brass, clear anodized aluminum

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