ITS Accutek III Ignition System Analyzer

ITS Accutek III
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The AccuTek III Ignition Analyzer is all you need to fully diagnose shielded and unshielded ignition system performance.

Features include energy output, peak voltage and transfer. The AccuTek III also acts like an ignition source, providing full evaluation of shielded and unshielded ignition coils, secondary leads, extensions and other tests. Additional features of the AccuTek III include high voltage (approximately 200 to 900 volts) insulator integrity testing (leakage), missing pulse detection and the ability to test capacitive discharge powered instruments.

This hand held, battery operated analyzer is the first multi-functional tool to  diagnose problems with ignition systems. The simple, step-by-step instruction manual and training video guide you through a complete ignition system analysis.

  • Easy to use
  • Simple, step by step manual and video
  • Small, hand held design
  • Battery operated (4 AA cells)
  • Liquid crystal display for visual feedback
  • Low battery indication
  • Rugged, high impact case
  • Extensive ignition module/ignition generator analysis
  • Determine if components are failing before they fail
  • Testing of ignition coils, extensions, ignition harnesses etc.
  • Missing pulse detection
  • Instrument and control panel testing
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